Mixing is the process of taking a multi track song (i.e. Many individual layers of song, like drums, bass, hats, vocals, effects, synths etc etc) and painstakingly correcting each one in a way that is optimised for the song as a whole.


Getting it to work

Yeah, thats right, its complicated.
Even a simple modern production can easily have 40 or 50 layers in it, and each of those layers must be levelled, EQ’d, balanced, panned, imaged in the stereo field, checked for clashes with other sounds, compressed and get FX added.


Finding the balance

Mixing is actually more time consuming and could even be more difficult than mastering, and thats why it is more expensive. But it is, singlehandedly, the biggest factor is determining how good the song sounds, and if you don’t get the mix right, no amount of high end expensive mastering can help you.


Tailored or bespoke experience

Its not for kids, as there are laws one must follow regardless of the genre of music! Then there are other 'rules’ that govern the world of more modern, electronic music. We’re talking about understanding how to mix bass and kicks and synths for house and techno and D&B and all those more modern sub genres of music.


Services On Offer

  • Mastering & Audio Enhancing
  • Music production & consultation
  • Final mixing for stems/multi-tracks
  • Film score and multimedia composition
  • Post-production
  • Foley and sound to picture
  • Vocal enhancing
  • Dubbing
  • Radio, video and broadcast